Are you looking to pick the best professional barber scissor for you? Well, there are certain factors you need to look at in order to find that right scissor for you. We have come up with a list of tips and suggestions that will help get the right pair of scissors. Here are those important tips and suggestions:

The first and foremost factor to consider is the size of the scissor. The size of any professional scissor depends heavily on the type of cuts you are trying to achieve. A scissor of a professional hairdresser is usually larger compared to a regular scissor. This is because it has to be aligned with the edges of the comb being used by the barber. Also, it has to cut longer portions of hair. The length of the scissor is generally measured from the end of the longest finger hole to the tip of the blade. To know the right size of the scissor, you have to know the length of your palm. An ideal length of a barber scissor must be between 4.5 inches and 6.5 inches. Any length between them is ideal. In addition, make sure to choose the right scissor that suits your hand. If you are a left hander, choose a left handed scissor. If you are a right hander, choose the right handed scissor. Yes, you will find both from the market.

Basically, there are two types of blades found in professional barber scissors. Firstly, there are beveled edge scissors that are lighter and created by mixing metals. This type of blade has micro serrations on one of the sides. These are ideal for beginners. Second type of blade is convex blade which is ideal for experienced barbers. These blades are often made of stainless steel and very sharp. They are ideal for slicing but can be used for all types of cutting.

Apart from the type of blade, you have to choose the right type of scissor, based on the cuts you need. There are regular scissors and then there are thinning scissors. Thinning scissors are the ones with one straight blade and the other blade with teeth. This type of scissor is used for taking out large portions from hair and reducing excessive weight of hair through even cuts. So, choose the right type of scissors and right type of blades.

An important thing to worry about is the material used for manufacturing the scissors. The material determines the longevity and durability of the scissor. In ancient times, scissors were manufactured using stainless steel. However, in modern days, there are combinations of different materials used for constructing scissors, for instance steel, cobalt and molybdenum etc. This combination of materials ensures strength and durability of the scissor. In any case, handles should be made of steel so that the hands of the barbers don’t hurt.

Screws are very important when it comes to barber hairdresser scissors. These are the things that hold the blades together. Hence, it is crucial to pick scissors that are easy to be adjusted.

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